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Brief history of company

WEST COAST AQUACULTURE GROUP LTD was incorporated in Australia with the goal of engaging international investors and establishing an international presence, particularly supply chain in marine fish products. It is the holding company of West Coast Aquaculture (M) Sdn Bhd, an aquaculture and fish breeding entity based in Malaysia. In November 2020, West Coast Aquaculture Group successfully listed its equity shares on the Sidney Stock Exchange.

West Coast Aquaculture (M) Sdn Bhd started marine fish farming in Malaysia in year 2011. The operations are located off Langgun Island in Langkawi, Malaysia. This locality provides the most ideal conditions for fish farming as it is sheltered by the island on the west and Malaysian Peninsula on the east. It is free from industrial pollution as the nearest industrial parks are miles away.

West Coast focuses on fish grow-up from fingerlings to commercial sizes, ranging from table sizes to large sizes suitable for secondary food processing. Fish are sold live, fresh and frozen and are usually delivered to local customers within 12 hours upon harvesting from fish ponds. Current fish species in the farm includes various species of hybrid Groupers (including Pearl grouper, Tiger Grouper, Beauty Grouper, Giant Grouper and Green Grouper), Red Snapper, Barramundi, Pompano and Coral Trout. West Coast is always alert to match breeding fish species with changing market demand trend to provide the best quality protein for the population.

West Coast Aquaculture (M) Sdn Bhd first started with 200 wooden cages (approx. 50,000 sq ft). In August 2015 the cage number were increased to 300 cages and another 200 cages were added in June 2016. The success built upon these expanded cages prompted the management to further increase another 500 cages in April 2019 and now total to 1,000 wooden cages.

The IPO fund raising in November 2020 has provided the additional adrenaline and ammunition to venture into the new concept of fish farming using High Density Polypropylene (HDPE) round cages.

West Coast produces are now being marketed live, fresh and frozen to the local market and exported to Singapore and Hong Kong.

The company has received the following certification:

  1. Good Aquaculture Practice (MyGap) for Marine Finfish Culture in Cages
  2. Fish Quality Certificate for Quality Control of Fish for Export to the European Union
  3. Malaysia Agro Excellence Award 2019 for Outstanding Quality Product